Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Unexpected presents

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Neighbourhood III

This Chistmas totally unexpected things happened. It began with a phone call from the assistant property manager asking me to come down to the office on the 23rd. When I got down she held out a huge package and said "This is for you". This was followed by "Open it!". I was flummoxed - inside was a beautiful Italian tray. This was followed up by a knock on the door on the 24th - our neighbour across the hall was there with a gift bag - inside was a bottle of Bailey's! Last, but not least, later on that evening there was small package left on our door step - inside was a silver box of fudge. WOW! This simply does not happen in apartment buildings! When I told my mother about all this she reamarked that this type of giving (not in any way obligatory) "comes from the heart". I agree and am really moved.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Neighbourhood II

Apartment buildings ( 200 units plus) are typically anonymous places; most people living in them would be hard pressed to name 2 neighbours living on the same floor. I find it hard to separate my own gregariousness and the nature of our building. I know my neighbours and many other people in our building . It may just me - being very nosy and intruding on fellow tenants. Still, people here are not resistant to conversation. One factor that really contributes to the breaking down of barriers between tenants is the annual Christmas Party. All tenants are invited to a wing-ding in the spacious lobby every year. Not all attend, but, many barriers are broken here. I came back with 5 new names to put to familiar faces from this year's party. I would call that small victories.