Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Neighbourhood III

This Chistmas totally unexpected things happened. It began with a phone call from the assistant property manager asking me to come down to the office on the 23rd. When I got down she held out a huge package and said "This is for you". This was followed by "Open it!". I was flummoxed - inside was a beautiful Italian tray. This was followed up by a knock on the door on the 24th - our neighbour across the hall was there with a gift bag - inside was a bottle of Bailey's! Last, but not least, later on that evening there was small package left on our door step - inside was a silver box of fudge. WOW! This simply does not happen in apartment buildings! When I told my mother about all this she reamarked that this type of giving (not in any way obligatory) "comes from the heart". I agree and am really moved.


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