Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The tug of spring

It seems beyond obvious to say that the arrival of spring is a welcome event. It happens every year after the snow melts; after five decades of watching this you might think the thrill would wear off. No, no, no! It's quite the opposite - it becomes more thrilling. The push of the earth to grow again makes me more giddy with each passing year. Just now, every living plant life in Toronto has begun the thrust to fruition. I'm thrilled.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Grano II

In a previous post I described going to "Grano" and feeling at ease, which was a novel experience for me. In a way, that post was not entirely honest, as it suggested that I had been there for an entire meal; I had only stayed for wine and calamari. Yesterday I put my "courage" to the test. I invited four people (Sarah, Olivia and Heather, and Barbara) for a full dinner. As it was scheduled for 7:oo, naturally I arrived at 6:30!
How did it go? Well, the first time checked my watch it was 10:00 !! It was an evening without tension; pure enjoyment for me.
This kid is going places!!!