Monday, November 28, 2005


I have never lived in one place or city long enough to establish the feeling of "belonging"; have no idea how long this takes, but I suspect a decade must be a minimum. I am therefore a bit surpised at the beginnings of a "sense of neighbourhood" that I'm feeling after only living here for one year.
Many things are contibuting to this feeling of "connectedness". Last week I asked the local supermarket manager if he could stock ciabatta in his bread section; not only did he say "yes", but he phoned me to say it had arrived; our neighbour (apartment) knocked on our door on Saturday to ask if we had any chillies suitable for her pasta ( we have tons!); an other resident dropped by unexpectedly to say she had an extra bromeliad from work for me. Our building manager has offered us the Sunday New York Times which has not been picked up by the subsciber - Hey, is this becoming my neighbourhood!?