Tuesday, August 07, 2007

As Time Goes By

Many years ago (about 40) I bought a small hibiscus cutting at the Hamilton Farmer's Market. It was rooted in a styrofoam coffee cup. As it grew, it produced the most amazing flowers. Later, in the 80's, I had an office with wonderful light. I took the plant to work, where it became a wonder for all to behold. I took cuttings and gave rooted plants to many people.
In 1994, my wife and I decided to divorce. When I came to pick up the hibiscus, I found that it had been thrown away. A few years later, I was offered plants by a friend at work who was moving from a large house to a small apartment.Among these plants was a mature hibiscus which had grown from a cutting that I had given him in the 80's. I still have this plant.
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