Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keeping Pets

Sometime in the 80's I read "King Solomon's Ring" by Konrad Lorenz. This book , which is an account of Lorenz's study of animal behaviour, sparked my interest in observing animals at close hand - pets. I began with fish. I had a small aquarium with an assortment of tropical fish (and plants). I eventually decided that I would concentrate on African cichlids.

These are amazing fish. They establish their own territory, even within a small aquarium. They will alter this space to suit them by moving everything until it's just right.

Then came dogs; I've yet to have a successful dog experience.

Lastly, I wanted to observe parrots. I began with one green-cheeked conure in 1997. The next year I got a second (Jules (left) and Louis (right)). Aside from being very messy, these two are perfect pets.

They behave very much like 4 year old children. They fight, makeup, are best friends and then worst enemies. They have distinct personalities. They have a strong desire to belong to a group.
If you have only one, it's up you to be the "parent"; if you have two, you become a tolerated outsider.
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At 7:31 p.m. , Blogger Jean said...

Dogs were difficult for us until we started watching Cesar Milan on National Geographic - now we understand them better and enjoy them immensely.


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