Sunday, February 20, 2005

Asian Confusion - Jujubes

One of the true wonders of the greater Toronto area is the proliferation of Asian food stores. This ranges from small sidewalk markets to full size bigbox outlets like T&T.
On a visit to a huge all Asian mall called Pacific Mall
I wandered into a foodstuffs/medicine shop and spotted what looked to me like a container full of a type of chilli that I had never used before. I filled a bag and asked the fellow behind the counter if they were hot. He said "Oh yes, your face will have a good glow!"
When I got home and tasted these "fruits", they were sweet, not hot. It turned out that they were, in fact, red dates (jujubes) and not chillis at all.
Undaunted, I searched for a recipe (using mushrooms and chicken) and gave them a go.
They were good; a total opposite of what I had anticipated, however.


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